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Episode 43: Spontaneous Human Combustion

Imagine if you will, simply sitting down to have a cup of tea, or sitting with a friend preparing for a fishing trip, when with no external heat source your body simply bursts into flames, burning you from inside of your body to the outside? Would you even feel the flames? Would you be aware that this was happening to you? And even if you were, could you do anything about it? Or imagine that you are a witness to such an episode? How would you react? What would you do? These are the situations that this episode confronts.

This episode is about the phenomena of Spontaneous Human Combustion, and shares witnessed and documented real-life accounts of people who have perished in this manner and a few rare, very lucky people who had this happen to them, but survived to share their experiences [….]

Well put together Paranormal Podcast. Found this great paranormal podcast. Nice lot of NZ content which is great but also global guests and topics. Looking forward to listening more.

Nick, New Zealand

Marianne does great professional podcasts, always interesting. And, very well scripted and researched. A must for anyone with an interest in things paranormal!

Duncan, Great Britain

Clearly well researched with really interesting subject matter, and guest stories! Spooky at times, but that’s part of what makes it interesting.

Nikiniknikerson, Australia

I love listening to others experiences, there is so much out there that we don’t know about, or fully understand…. These podcasts delve into those subjects that we all hear about. Have a listen! They will give you goosebumps!

Vikstar66, Australia

I am really enjoying these podcasts! All episodes are intriguing, interesting, and mind blowing! Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed!

SarahBumpBump, New Zealand

Love these podcasts! Really enjoying the topics and content. Keep them coming!

Michy2019, New Zealand

Very informative! I will definitely check out the new shows!

79queenB, USA

Essential listening for those interested in the paranormal! Professionally produced, and extremely informative; let Marianne take you on a journey through the Shadowlands!

cmr5fs, Podbean Site

Yes! Great information, and Marianne is wonderful, and genuinely gifted!

Ioana, New Zealand

The podcasts are really, really, well done. And, the level of research gone into each one is outstanding!

Lee, New Zealand

Great content! And informative!

Meleina, New Zealand

Fantastic podcasts with really fascinating content, and interviews. Absolutely top notch, best podcasts I’ve listened to on everything supernatural. Couldn’t recommend more!

Michelle, New Zealand

I have just listened to one of Marianne’s podcasts about the Patupaiarehe people and oh my goodness I highly recommend listening to them if you have interest in the subjects. Really well done with real peoples experiences. Brilliantly done. Thank you very much Marianne ??

Larnia, New Zealand


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This podcast is about all things paranormal, unknown, unexplained. About things that go bump in the night, and haunt your dreams and sometimes your waking hours!

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