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Hi and welcome to Walking the Shadowlands, I’m Marianne.

Are you a person who enjoys anything to do with the unknown, the unexplained, the paranormal – With things that go bump in the night and haunt your dreams? If this sounds like you, then Walking the Shadowlands is the podcast for you.

We cover topics like Shadow People;  Mary: “He was like black soot. Wispy around the edges, but deep black in the center, with glowing red eyes….”

Electronic Voice Phenomena; “…in the early history of New Zealand. So we feel that this recording is a soldier saying that he was carried from the battle-field; (EVP plays starting with indistinct murmuring and laughter followed by a male voice). “Kit carried me!”

Reincarnation;”Eventually, seeking answers she found a past life forum. One of the members of that forum was a retired fire-fighter in the USA. This gentleman was able to corroborate information that her son had been talking about. Right down the to finest and smallest detail. Completely, one hundred percent accurate!”

Near Death Experiences;  Aimee: “What I remember is looking down at the body and saying – Yeah, no ones gonna wanna live there! (laughing), and the being that was beside me saying No, no! That’s yours!”

These are the topics coming up in our first four episodes, beginning on the 30th of April, or the 29th of April if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. So, if you enjoy topics like these and many more, then join us on Walking the Shadowlands each week as we explore the realms of the shadows and discover what awaits us there.

Meantime, be sure and check out our website: and follow us on I’ll see you then!

Thanks for listening.