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Upcoming in Season Two

Hey everyone…. I know I’m supposed to be having a break! But really I have been busy working behind the scenes and am returning early as I have a very special guest interview for you all.

Many of you may have heard of The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident in the UK in 1980? And may be familiar with those who have spoken about their experiences on those two most interesting nights. Well my guest, was also there. And has never spoken on a public medium about his experiences before. This gentleman had Top Secret clearance on the bases as he was a sergeant in the military security police force and he shares his story with me and with you all for the very first time.

“Um, my first incident…. My first incident happened in the late November of 1980. I was on a bunker, when our base went on alert. They called the SPI to barracks, and got posted behind Woodbridge gate, east gate.”

“I thought well, that’s probably somebody you know, walking along our fence line. Looking at our pines and it kept moving. It was coming towards me. Apparently off to the field? And uh…. When it got in front of me…. Well, I…. back it up…. Before it got in front of me I could see that um, I thought it was somebody walking with a lamp. Hmmm I said nope!  So I called for an SRP team, security response team”

So be sure and tune in for his story next week. Here are some snippets from guests in upcoming episodes from the second season

“ For me, it was as though there was no one else in the room. It was as if there was just me and this young man. I was hanging on his every word! My heard was pounding. My armpits, and my hands were sweating. It was as if I was reliving some of those missing time experiences all over again, listening to him.”

“ In the middle of the night, this one night, I just shot up into a sitting position. It was like no eyes opening, no waking up. It was instant! I just bolted. And upon gaining focus, there was six beings standing semi-circle around my bed.”

And more to come. So we’ll see you next week. Be sure and tune in. You won’t want to miss this episode


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