Episode 69: Bonus – Halloween 2020, Night 2

Hi everyone. There is no written transcript for this episode, as it’s so long – over two hours and I haven’t had the time to sit and transcribe it all. Sorry, but this is the best I could do given my time constraints in getting three episodes out on one week. I have given the approximate minute time that each hosts experience or story begins in the episode and what their subject is.

  • 2:12 – My  paranormal experience in a private Catholic hospital on whilst on night shift.
  • 6:25 ­–  Jessica & Eric from Prairieland Paranormal and people’s experience with Resurrection Mary a true ghost story.
  • 17:55 – Zoe & Mike from the Stories of Strangeness podcast – The story of Ed Gein- serial killer.
  • 31.35 – Jack Kirby, host of the Paranormal Podcasts We Listen to / The Matrix has you – with a Reddit user’s matrix experience
  • 34:26 – Lindsay & Rebecca, hosts of I Have a Strange Story podcast, each with a scary story – Why did you have to see me? & a true listener’s experience – A possession story.
  • 45:10 – Heather & Kristin, hosts of the Sinister Sweethearts podcast with two real paranormal/unexplained experiences, Party in the Morgue/ The Red Dwarf.
  • 54:04 ­– John & Louise from the Spooky Tales Podcast with a collection of experiences of faceless ghosts.
  • 01:05 ­–  Brandon from the Paraunity Podcast with guest Miranda Young share a spooky tale called No One Remembers Molly.
  • 01.30 ­– Tanner Davidson, host of Monster Legend podcast with the HP Lovecroft story Dagon.
  • 01:47 ­– Amanda & Micha hosts of the Great American Urban Legend Podcast– Mike Myer exploration.
  • 02.03 – Marianna Mclucan ­– Voice actor on scripted Sci-Fi podcast Cryptids with the legend of Frankenstein.

I hope you enjoy this special collaborative episode.