Hi, everyone. So, I was planning on having edited and stitched together at least the first three episodes of our next season, by this stage of our season’s break. All ready to create a promo to share with you all of the upcoming episodes in the next season. Unfortunately, this time I don’t – and here’s the reason – A week ago, I posted this on my social media platforms,

  • Hi everyone, this is me at the moment. I apologize that I’m in my jammies. Had a bit of a boo-boo last night, and I’vr broken my arm near my elbow. So, I’m feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself. And I apologize for the TV in the background, but I can’t find my remote, and I can’t get up at the moment. I’m sort of cast like an old cow. I’ll keep you all updated, and I’ll try and get back as soon as I can.”

followed by this,

  • “Kia ora, hi everyone. Saw my X-ray report from my doctor, and apparently I’ve broken my arm in two places. Well, hey, if you’re going to do a job. Do a good job, right? I’ve broken my Ulna at my wrist and at my elbow. No wonder it’s a little bit painful. It’s going to slow me down a little bit from doing my podcast, which is a bit of a shame. But, I’ll do the best I can, and we’ll just keep on chugging on. Thanks everyone.”

and two days ago this.

  • “Kia ora, hi everybody. Excuse the shaky camera. Here’s the latest update on my arm. Just came back from the hospital. I don’t know if you can see it? Got a cast almost up to my elbow [actually armpit – wasn’t thinking clearly]. They – So that’s my permanent cast. But they also tell me now, that I’ve torn my rotator cuff on that side as well. So I’ve got a broken arm in two places and a torn rotator cuff. No wonder I’m feeling a bit sore. But, I’m still here. Still kicking. Still thriving, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some more work done on next season’s podcasts. See you then.”

I simply tripped over and fell. So silly.

As a result, here I am, struggling a wee bit to even get this first episode of next season, season seven of our podcast, transcribed and edited. It took me three days to get the first eleven minutes of that interview, called ‘The Belly of the Beast’ done. So, I’m struggling a little bit, being a one-person team to get our podcast out to you all, and that’s the reason for this explanation.

I still have a little less than two weeks before the next season is supposed to start and being completely honest, including to myself, I don’t think I will be able to have the new episodes done in time. I’ve only just got the temporary cast off and now have a cast almost up to my armpit. So, all typing is one-fingered and very slow. And whilst I really like to challenge myself, I also know when I have to say that I’m going to need a little more time, and unfortunately, this is one of those times.

I’ve thought and thought – not much else I can do at the moment to be honest, about what I can do for you all, whilst I allow myself the time to do my editing, I am still interviewing guests, and being interviewed on shows, so that, hasn’t stopped, although it’s a bit of a mission putting my headphones on. . . I’m just struggling to edit. I have four interviews currently waiting on me to get to them.

So, I’ve decided what I will do, is I will replay, what I consider to be, my favourite episodes from our six past seasons. Perhaps my top four, that have for whatever reason, really touched me, stretched me, or inspired me. If you are new to our podcast, then you may perhaps not have heard them yet? Keep an ear out on all the regular social media platforms for hints on what these episodes are. And I will play these weekly, instead of the show’s regular two-week time period. That will give me enough time that I can heal and still give you interesting episodes to listen to.

You can find Walking the Shadowlands on FaceBook,  Instagram, on Twitter @shadowlands10, on Linkedin, on YouTube, and on TikTok – my kids think it’s hilarious that I’m on TikTok . . . But honestly, I have to say it’s my favourite. So, like and follow on any or all of these social media, and as always, I’ll see you there.