Hello everyone, I just want to take a minute to thank you all for your patience, whilst I had an enforced rest healing my injuries. But I have to say, it’s good to be back. I just wanted to share a few snippets of some of the upcoming guests in season seven as I promised the last episode. We’ll walk right into the depths of the shadowlands, beginning next week with an episode, entitled Belly of the Beast.

This episode is a two-parter because I interviewed all of the surviving members of the family involved. It’s one family’s experience with a terrifying, traumatic, and tragic series of haunting experiences, that directly, or indirectly led to the deaths of two of the siblings, one brother, and one sister. And led to one brother (Sean), writing a fictional account of their experiences. But with the main character in this fiction, experiencing some of the same things that he actually went through in their beautiful old home. There is not one family member that has not been left touched, traumatized, and left with some fear, in one way or another. In fact, the surviving sister and one of the nieces were still so traumatized by this, that whilst they were willing to share with me what they experienced, they wanted me to convey it on their behalf and not use the audio I recorded of our conversation. And of course, I totally respect their wishes in this.

In these following three clips you will hear Clara, the mother, and Sean, her son. Then we will hear from Natalia, the daughter of the deceased sister, who went to live in the home with her grandmother, as a child, following her mother’s passing.

Clara: “A closet I could walk into, was at the foot of my bed. And this ball of fire came out of it! And it made a woosh oosh, oosh. And it was a ball of fire. And it just kept going faster and faster, and came right at me! Well, I ran, I ran out of there screaming”

Sean: “And at that point, I realized that whatever it was that was in this house, wanted me to die! It wanted to kill me, or it wanted me to kill myself!”

Natalia: “One morning my grandmother was getting up to take me to school. It had to have been winter-time, it was dark when we got up. And so, she wakes up and her bed – When I wake up, her bed is right in front of my eyes, because, because the room’s not that big and it would be right there. So, she woke up and turned on her nightstand light and got up to go open the bedroom door. Well, she had been at my bedroom door, I saw her at my feet.

And as soon as I opened my eyes, there was a face, right in my face! But it was like, upside down. It was almost like if someone was coming from the closet, leaning their head over and looking, almost nose to nose with me! And I just opened my eyes and I froze. I, and I was like, grandma what is that? And, I didn’t say, I didn’t say what it was. I didn’t say what it looked like. She just said, close your eyes and it will go away.”

The rest of these clips are not necessarily in any particular order, simply as I found them on my computer. None of them have been edited yet. Oh, honestly, it’s taken me this whole time off, simply to edit the first episode, for next week.  So, most of the episodes don’t have names, apart from the next two, because, I only recorded them last week, and their names really go with the subject of the conversation, for one reason or another.

Paul Anthony Wallis was a guest I had in season five, talking about his very well-known book, ‘Escaping from Eden’. Which was likened by George Noory, as this generations ‘Chariots of the Gods”. Since his episode aired, it’s consistently been in my top ten most listened to episodes. Looking at my stats today, in fact, it’s currently running at number three. So, I am so thrilled to have him back, talking about his follow-up book from Escaping from Eden last year, called ‘The Scars of Eden‘. Here’s Paul:

“And then, another group of people I started hearing from, were veterans of war. and in particular, people who had gone with the allies into Afghanistan or into Iraq in 2003, and what I was hearing, and I should say, I probably hear from more veterans of war than I know, because I think those who are still in active service often don’t identify themselves that way. But I was hearing from a lot of veterans of war who are no longer in active service. And they have told me that they went into Iraq believing that they were laying their life on the line for all the publicly declared reasons. They believed they were risking their lives to save the Kurds, or to save the world from weapons of mass destruction. Or to save the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein and effect a regime change.

Only when they got there, they found that their particular unit was actually there on an archaeological mission. And what they were being tasked to do, was to retrieve archaeological artifacts, sequester them. Take them out of Iraq, take them back to the USA. And all of a sudden they left asking, what am I risking my life for? What are these artifacts? What’s the relevance of them? Why can’t I know what they are? Why can’t I know where they’ve gone?”

“But the story is bigger than that. And the moment you start listening to your ancestral narratives, you realize there’s a human layer to this question of who’s really governing us. And then, there’s a non-human layer to it, too. So the Gnostic gospels talk about Archons that manipulate human leaders. And then go to the Hebrew text and you’ve got the powerful ones, who are in authority over the human leaders. And it’s interesting that many of our ancient stories talk about a time when we were governed by non-humans. And then talk about a time when there was a handover to humans, viceroys, regents’, governments.

Many of them have this handover moment. It’s there in the Bible. King Saul is the first human leader for the people of God. Gilgamesh is the crossover king, the Sumerian stories. And, there’s just that little question mark of so where did the non-human authorities go? Did they just go home? But they’re still at the top of the economic tree? or are they still present, but covert?  Now, just before Christmas, Hame Ashed, the former chief of space security for Israel, the brigadier general, held that position for twenty-seven years. Came out with a statement, saying that on the basis of his career, everything he knows from that work. His understanding is, that there is an intergalactic federation, involved in Project Earth. In contact on a covert level, with covert layers of government. But that’s chosen not to self-disclose.”

Then we travel back to the states with Robert Earl White and The Lower Alloway’s Creek Incident:

“April twenty-first. Right around ten-eighteen pm at night. It was rainy. The cloud coverage was about eleven hundred feet. So it was very low. And my aunt who lived next door, she woke up to use the bathroom, and she looked out her bedroom window. And she saw an elongated triangular object which kind of looked like a helicopter, but it was completely silent, hovering above the tree line with three blue lights coming from the three corners of what you would imagine elongated triangle looking like.”

“All of a sudden red and orange sparks started shooting out of this thing, followed by a bright flash. And I don’t say this in the story, but when I do interviews, I explain it. The white flash was something coming down and hitting whatever this craft was. Right. And when this happened, there was an explosion, but not just any explosion. And there’s a lot of weird stuff about this case. When this thing exploded, the – that middle part, that white light they saw in the middle, the whole entire craft basically sucked itself, into itself. It like, it imploded, it imploded on itself and that access on the outside of it, like a normal explosion, with you know, bright flash and the access pieces flew all over the place. But the main core of it, it kind of sucked itself into itself and it shot directly towards the ground in an explosion. In a beam, a ball of light. Very hard to explain. And after that happened, obviously, my mother, my aunt, everyone was really shook enough, you know, whether or not that this was necessarily an alien, a UFO? The first thoughts that went through their mind was, someone just died, you know? Some sort of craft.”

“It opened up a can of worms for my mother. You know, for personal experiences. It just, it changed everything . . . But, it was covered up extremely well. And then they said, ok tomorrow many different media outlets are going to come here, investigators, the news – newspapers, asking you what you saw and what happened? And you will say it was a helicopter. Or, we will take your son away!”

Staying in the mountains a wee bit I talk with another guest I came across on TikTok. Born and bred in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. WitchMama is the name she chooses to go by.

“I understand that the people who live in the Appalachians have specific traditions and lore, and the form of witchcraft is quite specific. Perhaps instead of thinking it in terms of witchcraft, we could say what’s, what’s another way we could put it? Traditional ways of thinking, feeling, omens, and stuff like that?”

“We have traditional practices that we, that we follow. Now, I’m not a proponent to say that I am an expert in Appalachian magic or folklore or anything of that nature. I just know what I’ve learned and what I’ve been taught. But to us, it’s not really being taught magic. It’s more just the way things are. Know it’s just our normal every day.”

“Absolutely. So I should, I should have said that because it’s not it’s not a stand aside. It’s just part and parcel of the day-to-day life.”

“Well, it really depends on where your people come from. If you are of Irish Scottish heritage and your family was of Scot, Irish and Scottish heritage, there is a good chance that you might have been told, you know, watch where you throw your wash water. Or, don’t step in a fairy ring, or watch for pools on stumps, that type of thing. But if you weren’t if you had more Germanic roots or you actually were part of some of the indigenous tribes that lived here because the white, the white folk, and the indigenous folk did get together quite a bit.
So there’s a lot of mixed breed running around in the area. But it depends really where you came from as to what your stories are because, in mine, I had a lot, had a little bit just a little bit of indigenous blood, but most of mine was Irish and Scottish. So, yes, I did get told to watch out where I throw my wash water and that type of thing. I did I did get told to watch for the fae, but don’t fear the fae. Live in harmony with all creatures and that includes the fae.”

Then, from the mountains to the desert we go. Onto a Native American reservation, Navajo reservation, where I speak with a delightful couple who discuss some Native American traditions and talk about their personal experience with a Skinwalker, a medicine person who follows very dark paths indeed.

Husband: “Growing up, my mom was raised in our traditional ways. Her family all grew up traditional Navajo. They grew up in the old teach, used to always waking up, doing your prayers, offerings, and stuff that sort. My dad’s side of the family, they grew up Christian due to my grandmother growing up, my mom changed her life, became a Christian, but she’s the only Christian on her side of the family.  So growing up for me, I always had a conflict with being Christian and having my relatives in my family. Sipos, criticize me for, I said, studying or having faith in the white man’s religions.

But they would always say, right. So I grew up knowing a bunch of taboo stuff to do. So don’t know what to do or what not to do and wake up in the morning, what not to do, what not to say. Things that I should be wary about. Like you said, like you mentioned earlier, no whistling at night. Also, you can’t point out the rainbow at your finger.”

Wife: “My grandma, my maternal grandma, she comes from a long line of medicine woman. She was actually taught to – it’s what they call hand trembling. It’s a form of what a medicine woman does. That’s what she was supposed to be taught by my great-grandma.”

“So, for Skinwalkers, I do know that there’s different origin stories based on what part of the reservation you’re coming from.  For me, my husband, we, had a similar origin story that we were told when we were growing up, which is that skinwalkers were basically they are people.  They are people. That a long time ago, the ability to shapeshift into animals was actually kind of seen as a good thing. They were used as messengers in between small bands of Navajo. Especially during the times when the US Army was trying to round us up. And we had this conflict with the US government, at that time.

So the people who have this ability to shapeshift into animals were used as messengers. Or, kind of like an early warning system for other bands of Navajos, so that they could hide or flee. Whatever they needed to do. It wasn’t until – I don’t know quite when that change happened, but just like anything else, humans are very valuable to a lot of things. Like greed and revenge, jealousy, things like that. So when those started becoming a thing, with the people who practice the skin walking – I don’t know if that’s a verb? But it started becoming more synonymous with evil intentions. Or with evil intent.”

So skinwalkers were likened to witches?

Husband:  “They were basically medicine men. They were basically they were taught the art of doing this shapeshifting. And like my wife said, we were back in the day, bands, the Navajo. We weren’t a united, united tribe. We were different bands, with different head chiefs. Yes, we would war upon one another in that [inaudible]. But the area we grew up at,  our little area, that’s the origin story of how we were taught. A friend of mine who lives in the further southern area, New Mexico, part of the reservation, she was told that skinwalker is basically the same way they were used as messengers. They were also used as a way for gathering warriors in time of need if there were a tribe, or something, coming to make war on us. And we were so spread apart, that they would send out skinwalkers. Cause, they were able to travel faster and they were able to shapeshift into multiple animals, and they could travel further distances. And they would be used to send messages, to gather warriors. Or, to inform people about such things, that bad things were coming. To go and hide.”

So, these are some of the episodes I have lined up for you all in season seven of our podcast. I am really excited to bring these to you. Starting from this day next week, with our first episode, Belly of the Beast.  Followed two weeks later by the second part of their experiences. So, be sure to like and subscribe – I’m on any free podcasting platform, Anchor, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, Tunein, iHeart Radio, etc. That way you won’t miss out on any of these episodes as they go to air. If you have Alexa, simply say these four words and Alexa will play our latest episode for you. “Open Walking the Shadowlands.”

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