Episode 28: Halloween Special – Southern Hemisphere


Halloween Special - Southern Hemisphere: Halloween…. The night of the year when the veil between the living and those who have died is the thinnest. For Wiccan and Pagan communities, it is a time of celebration. For those cultures who celebrate Halloween it is more commonly known as a night when kids and kids at heart dress up in costumes and the kids go trick or treating, and the adults have parties. It  falls on October 31 because the ancient Gaelic festival

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Episode 19: A Forest Encounter


A Forest Encounter: Throughout history, humankind has been aware of the existence of other beings in other dimensions, that can move through our reality when, and where they chose to.  They live in dimensions, other than those our senses are aware of. These beings have been written about, since humans have had written text, and before then they were talked about in hushed tones – to be feared and respected.  But what happens, when the world of these Elemental beings, and the

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Episode 14: Paranormal Investigations With James Gilberd


Paranormal Investigations With James Gilberd: New Zealand is a very small country, consisting of two main islands the North and the South islands. We also are a relatively new country and so do not have the history that Great Britain, European countries, or even the USA does. But despite our relative newness, we do have a large number of paranormal encounters of the spirit and things that go bump in the night kind. Because of this, we have our fair share of

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Episode 8: Skinwalkers – Part 2


Skinwalkers Part 2: Hi everyone, and welcome back to the second part of our episode on Skinwalkers. I first contacted my guest through their postings on Reddit. I’m not going to pronounce their user name, ‘cause, I can’t – I have tried and failed miserably. I saw their post which I will read out in a second, followed by an experience my guest’s sister had with a Skinwalker. Then we will return to our conversation with my guest. So grab that blanket,

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Episode 6: A Haunting In Australia


A Haunting In Australia: There are a number of movies whose titles begin with the words… “A Haunting in…” Some very old, some more recent. All of them absolutely sensationalized to cater to the tastes of the movie makers, and viewers who are after cheap thrills. But, in the back of the sensationalised movie versions, there are some real-life hauntings. Genuine experiences that people had that left them scared, traumatized and in some cases questioning their own sanity. Even people who have

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Episode 5: Things That Go Bump In The Night


Things That Go Bump In The Night: Beyond, what is clearly seen or heard, there have lurked in the shadowlands – misty shapes seen out of the corners of one’s eyes – footsteps echoing in empty rooms or in corridors at night – Words spoken and heard when no one else was present – Unexplained touches, smells, sounds. Items that go missing, some never to return, or that are found days later in very unexplained places. These are the experiences of spirit,

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Episode 2: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)


EVP: In this episode I will be talking about about Electronic voice phenomena, commonly known as EVP for short – and sharing with you all examples of EVP that I, or my paranormal investigation team – Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations, have captured on some of our team investigations. Ever since man was first able to comprehend death there have been constant questions about life after death and how people can communicate with those who have passed over. Humanity as a whole has long

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Episode 1: The Shadowpeople


Shadowpeople: I’m Marianne and I would like to welcome you to our first ever, podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, today - whatever time it is where-ever you are living in this beautiful world of ours…. So sit back, relax, and let me be your guide as we walk into the Shadowlands together and discover what awaits us there.... Picture this: You are sitting in your lounge, perhaps watching TV, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the

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