Episode 33: Queen Of The Paranormal


The Queen Of The Paranormal: In today’s episode, I have a guest who is very well known in the States, not so well know in this part of the world, but doubtless that is about to change. A very interesting woman to listen to and I found her sense of humour so funny. But before I get introduce her, I just have a couple of things I need to say to you all. I’ve been having a few health

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Episode 32: The Hulk – A Haunting In Kansas


The Hulk - A Haunting In Kansas: I think most people have felt that wonderful feeling of moving into a new home…. New beginnings. A new place to settle down and make into your own. You move into your home, with your new partner with feelings of positive anticipation, and excitement. Eager to place your stamp, your personality on this space that has just become yours. Looking forward to whatever life may bring you and your family now. But, what if your

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Episode 31: The Nimitz Encounters – Part 2


The USS Nimitz Encounters - Part 2: Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for joining me again this week for the final episode in this two-part series on the famous ‘Tic-Tac’ video and the things that were witnessed by members of the USS Nimitz Strike force. For those of you who were not present for the first episode of this two-part series then this is a very brief background. In November 2004, 90 miles South-West off the coast of Mexico near

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Episode 30: The Nimitz Encounters


The USS Nimitz Encounters: In November 2004, 90 miles South-West off the coast of Mexico near Baja, California, in the USA, the U.S.S. Nimitz carrier strike group was conducting two weeks of routine training and aerial defence exercises when unexplained events occurred that forever have altered the lives of the men and women on board these ships who were witness to these episodes. What began as a routine naval training exercise, ended up as one of the world’s best documented UFO sightings

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Episode 29: Halloween Special – Northern Hemisphere


Halloween Special - Northern Hemisphere: Welcome back to our second instalment of our special Halloween episodes…. Tonight we will hear more stories from people’s experiences with the unknown, the unexplained…. With things that go bump in the night and haunt your dreams. These experiences are read out by me, because for some reason people are shy, but it doesn’t take away the chill factor of the experiences. So get yourself comfortable, turn down the lights, but not too low – you want

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Episode 28: Halloween Special – Southern Hemisphere


Halloween Special - Southern Hemisphere: Halloween…. The night of the year when the veil between the living and those who have died is the thinnest. For Wiccan and Pagan communities, it is a time of celebration. For those cultures who celebrate Halloween it is more commonly known as a night when kids and kids at heart dress up in costumes and the kids go trick or treating, and the adults have parties. It  falls on October 31 because the ancient Gaelic festival

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Episode 27: David And The Star People – Part 2


David And The Star People - Part 2: Last episode I briefly went over some definitions related to this subject and I introduced my guest for these two episodes. David Montgomery. He shared some of his experiences with Star People. Some of his experiences that he remembers. About going underground, and speaking with groups of diverse species of Star People. He talked about the androgynous being whose facial features he never saw, who met him at the door to the underground chamber

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Episode 26: David And The Star People


David And The Star People: I don’t think there would be many people in my listening audience who have not heard of UFOs, or perhaps even seen them for themselves. Far off lights moving in the night skies, or even closer encounters. So I haven’t really gotten into them so much in these past episodes. What we have heard are Stacy’s experience with the Rendlesham forest / Woodbridge & Bentwater US Air Force Bases that were then active in the UK. We

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Episode 25: The Kaikoura Incidents


The Kaikoura Incidents: New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific for those who don’t know us. Comprising of two main Islands, the North and the South Islands. We are the last stop, and the main gateway to most countries in the world who have bases in the Antarctic. So geographically we are a fairly isolated country, however, our isolation does not preclude us from our fair share of UFO sightings and encounters…. I clearly recall that in late 1978

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Episode 24: Suzy And The Star People – Part 2


Suzy And The Star People - Part 2: Thousands of people each year see unexplained lights in the skies, day or night. They see flying crafts unlike anything we are currently knowing of in existing public knowledge. Not only do some see lights or crafts, that cannot be explained away as swamp gas, Venus, satellites, or any other of the normal excuses the governments, and military trots out to placate people, but they also see and have interactions with the inhabitants of

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