Episode 44: #1 – A Glitch In The Matrix – A Holographic Reality?


A Glitch In The Matrix - A Holographic Reality: When you look around at your present surroundings, and everything around you. You get the instinctive feeling that you’re living in a three-dimensional world, full of shapes, textures, patterns, objects of all types. You have the feeling that you can interact with these physical objects – like that chair you may be sitting in. That smart phone, you might be holding in your hand. This gives you an instant subjective feeling in your

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Episode 43: #2 – UFO’s In The Night Sky – A Conversation With Bonnie


UFO's In The Night Sky: Have you ever found yourself outside watching the stars at night, feeling in awe of the beauty, and grandeur of the night sky? The stars hanging like diamonds from the deep velvet of the night sky. Since the beginning of time, man has watched the night skies.  We have used them to navigate the seas, to know when to plant specific vegetables. To know when it is the best time to go fishing at sea. Humankind has used

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Episode 42: #3 – The Nimitz Encounters


The USS Nimitz Encounters: In November 2004, 90 miles South-West off the coast of Mexico near Baja, California, in the USA, the U.S.S. Nimitz carrier strike group was conducting two weeks of routine training and aerial defence exercises when unexplained events occurred that forever have altered the lives of the men and women on board these ships who were witness to these episodes. What began as a routine naval training exercise, ended up as one of the world’s best documented UFO sightings

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Episode 41: # 4 – Shadow People


Shadowpeople: I’m Marianne and I would like to welcome you to our first ever, podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, today - whatever time it is where-ever you are living in this beautiful world of ours…. So sit back, relax, and let me be your guide as we walk into the Shadowlands together and discover what awaits us there.... Picture this: You are sitting in your lounge, perhaps watching TV, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen

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Episode 40: #5 – Paranormal Investigations With James Gilberd


Paranormal Investigations With James Gilberd: New Zealand is a very small country, consisting of two main islands the North and the South islands. We also are a relatively new country and so do not have the history that Great Britain, European countries, or even the USA does. But despite our relative newness, we do have a large number of paranormal encounters of the spirit and things that go bump in the night kind. Because of this, we have our fair share of

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Episode 39 : Bonus – Music Of The Plants – Part 2


Music Of The Plants - Part 2: In the first part of Music of the plants, my guest Gary Cook answered a question a member of my  Walking the Shadowlands FB group had for him about the Patupaiarehe,  (the New Zealand fairy folk), from his previous appearance on the podcast. Then he took us on a gentle stroll, talking about the wonderful world of the plants, and trees around us. He talked about ‘Tree Blindness’, what that is, and how the term came

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Episode 38: #6 – Music Of The Plants


Music Of The Plants: Ever since mankind has been on this planet, we have looked towards nature for healing for our mind, body, and our spirits. Every single culture on this planet, has their wise-women, or men. Their shamans, their tohunga, their sacred medicine people – be they male or female. And all of these healers, and wise people have had an innate relationship with the herbs, plants, vines, and trees that grow around them, with many of them being able to communicate

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Episode 37: #7 – The Kaikoura Incidents


The Kaikoura Incidents: New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific for those who don’t know us. Comprising of two main Islands, the North and the South Islands. We are the last stop, and the main gateway to most countries in the world who have bases in the Antarctic. So geographically we are a fairly isolated country, however, our isolation does not preclude us from our fair share of UFO sightings and encounters…. I clearly recall that in late 1978

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Episode 36: #8 – The Men-in-Black


The Men-In-Black: We live in a very mysterious world, and there’s so very much that we don’t understand about it. And, that is just on this planet…. But, we also live in a universe that for those of us who are experiencers, know is teaming with life. There are many things that happen here that just don’t make any sort of sense at all. Some of these things we can say are lies, or hoaxes, delusions, or misinterpretations of events seen or

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Episode 35: #9 – A Forest Encounter


A Forest Encounter Transcript Throughout history, humankind has been aware of the existence of other beings in other dimensions, that can move through our reality when, and where they chose to.  They live in dimensions, other than those our senses are aware of. These beings have been written about, since humans have had written text, and before then they were talked about in hushed tones – to be feared and respected.  But what happens, when the world of these Elemental beings, and

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