Episode 8: Skinwalkers – Part 2


Skinwalkers Part 2: Hi everyone, and welcome back to the second part of our episode on Skinwalkers. I first contacted my guest through their postings on Reddit. I’m not going to pronounce their user name, ‘cause, I can’t – I have tried and failed miserably. I saw their post which I will read out in a second, followed by an experience my guest’s sister had with a Skinwalker. Then we will return to our conversation with my guest. So grab that blanket,

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Episode 7: Skinwalkers – Part 1


Skinwalkers: Skin Walkers –  That name for people such as myself who live in the Southern hemisphere, may not mean much. We may not have heard about these beings before and if we have, it is often because of TV shows such as on a popular ghost hunting series – where, it is treated at best, with mock-respect. Or as a subject of investigative journalism – such as in the case of a recent documentary called “Hunt for the Skin walkers” which

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