Episode 51: The Black-Eyed Kids


The Black-Eyed Kids: Hi everyone. If you were to ask someone what the term ‘Black-eyed Kids’ refers to, there is a good chance that the person you are asking has at the very least heard of the term, even if they may not know what it actually refers to. So, for those listeners who don’t really know about them, I’ll give a description of what a Black-eyed Kid is. These kids – and most reports have them as children

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Episode 46: Spontaneous Human Combustion


Spontaneous Human Combustion: Death. A word that conjures up an image of finality of this human body. Death comes to us all at some stage, it’s an inevitable, inescapable, unavoidable, part of living. Most of us accept that fact, but we don’t tend to think about it, or about our own eventual deaths, until it is brought to our attention with the death of a loved one, acquaintance, or even celebrity – where it is generally plastered over all the

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Episode 22: The Men-In-Black


The Men-In-Black: We live in a very mysterious world, and there’s so very much that we don’t understand about it. And, that is just on this planet…. But, we also live in a universe that for those of us who are experiencers, know is teaming with life. There are many things that happen here that just don’t make any sort of sense at all. Some of these things we can say are lies, or hoaxes, delusions, or misinterpretations of events seen or

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Episode 11: The Moehau Man / Big Cat Sightings


The Moehau Man / Big Cat Sightings: Welcome back to the second part of the Moehau man episode…. In today’s episode we conclude the conversation with my guest Marc Morrell and his experiences with this creature. Then I’ll discuss briefly Anomalous Big Cat sightings in New Zealand, and there have been very many of these – which continue to this day. Actually it was sightings reported in the NZ media in the past couple of months, of this huge cat,  that actually

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Episode 2: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)


EVP: In this episode I will be talking about about Electronic voice phenomena, commonly known as EVP for short – and sharing with you all examples of EVP that I, or my paranormal investigation team – Shadowlands Paranormal Investigations, have captured on some of our team investigations. Ever since man was first able to comprehend death there have been constant questions about life after death and how people can communicate with those who have passed over. Humanity as a whole has long

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