Episode 49: In Search Of The Yowie


In Search Of The Yowie: Hi everyone. Back in season one of this podcast I did an episode on the Moehau Man, New Zealand’s equivalent to the North American Bigfoot. I had tried in numerous ways to contact Australian groups who studied the Yowie, their equivalent of the Bigfoot. I was unfortunately unsuccessful. I was pretty gutted about that, as because our countries are so closely tied together, I felt it would be a great opportunity to share about

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Episode 11: The Moehau Man / Big Cat Sightings


The Moehau Man / Big Cat Sightings: Welcome back to the second part of the Moehau man episode…. In today’s episode we conclude the conversation with my guest Marc Morrell and his experiences with this creature. Then I’ll discuss briefly Anomalous Big Cat sightings in New Zealand, and there have been very many of these – which continue to this day. Actually it was sightings reported in the NZ media in the past couple of months, of this huge cat,  that actually

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Episode 10: The Moehau Man


The Moehau Man: When I started researching NZ cryptids, my plan was to produce only one episode. I honestly was unaware of how many cryptids NZ had, apart from the Taniwha, that pretty much every single New Zealander has at least heard of, in one capacity or another. So I was really shocked to discover how many we have, and I realised that one episode would not do them justice in the least. I also learned that some of our cryptids have

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Episode 9: The Taniwha


The Taniwha: Humankind as a rule, loves mystery. We love things that are unexplained – unknown to us, perhaps unseen, but by a few. We love to find out the stories behind these mysteries, perhaps in hope of being the one to solve them, if only for our own satisfaction and sense of curiosity and wonder. Although, because of our love of mystery, sometimes we create one out of nothing. But is that the case with strange and unusual animals that have

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