Episode 54: Halfway House


The Halfway House: When people hear about a house being haunted or of someone experiencing a haunted house. Most people react with fear or curiosity tinged with fear. Or, they don’t want anything to do with the subject, some because of religious beliefs, some because they fear it will follow them to their home. Or they dismiss it as not being possible, it doesn’t fit into their world viewpoint, their religious beliefs or whatever reason. It’s rare that you

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Episode 53: Riding the Witch


Riding The Witch: Picture this, it’s been a really long day. You are exhausted and finally manage to drag yourself into your bed for some much needed sleep. You’re so tired that you have no problems falling asleep. Usually you sleep right through the night with no issues whatsoever, and you expect tonight will be no different, in fact, you don’t give it a second thought. But tonight is different, way different. You wake up in the middle of

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Episode 52: The Ouija Board – Is It A Toy?


The Ouija Board - Is It A Toy?: What is the very first thing that most people think of when they hear the words Ouija board? Most (but obviously not all), people think of horror movies like the Ouija board scene in "The Exorcist", or any one of another countless horror movie genre, that has used the Ouija board as basis for its story-line. Or they automatically think of horror stories they may have heard from people who have used

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Episode 51: The Black-Eyed Kids


The Black-Eyed Kids: Hi everyone. If you were to ask someone what the term ‘Black-eyed Kids’ refers to, there is a good chance that the person you are asking has at the very least heard of the term, even if they may not know what it actually refers to. So, for those listeners who don’t really know about them, I’ll give a description of what a Black-eyed Kid is. These kids – and most reports have them as children

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Episode 50: Tyler’s Return


Tyler's Return: Hi everyone, today’s episode is a wee bit different to normal…. More like a follow on from the ‘Signs from the Other Side’ episode I did about a month past. I read a post in a group that I occasionally visit online, that immediately leapt out at me and really touched me. And I right away thought that in these times of uncertainty, also knowing that many of my listeners have lost loved ones to this plague that the

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Episode 47: Signs From The Other Side


Signs From The Other Side: Death, the final frontier – to change a quote from an old TV series, if you’re a Trekkie, then you will know it. But is death the final frontier, the end of us? Or is it just the end of our physical body, the vehicle that we currently use? Like with the victims of Spontaneous Human Combustion in our last episode? Death. The word itself seems so final. Dictionary.com gives this definition of death, it says;

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Episode 45: A Glitch In The Matrix – Experiences


A Glitch In The Matrix - Experiences: Hi everyone, it’s great to be back. I hope you have all enjoyed the top ten most listened to episodes, and thanks so much for the understanding. Just a wee bit of housekeeping before we get into our episode today. Firstly, I appreciate your patience whilst I took time out to deal with my health issues. Now the docs know what I am dealing with, which is awesome. Nothing major, but something that leaves

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Episode 41: # 4 – Shadow People


Shadowpeople: I’m Marianne and I would like to welcome you to our first ever, podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, today - whatever time it is where-ever you are living in this beautiful world of ours…. So sit back, relax, and let me be your guide as we walk into the Shadowlands together and discover what awaits us there.... Picture this: You are sitting in your lounge, perhaps watching TV, or enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen

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Episode 32: The Hulk – A Haunting In Kansas


The Hulk - A Haunting In Kansas: I think most people have felt that wonderful feeling of moving into a new home…. New beginnings. A new place to settle down and make into your own. You move into your home, with your new partner with feelings of positive anticipation, and excitement. Eager to place your stamp, your personality on this space that has just become yours. Looking forward to whatever life may bring you and your family now. But, what if your

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Episode 29: Halloween Special – Northern Hemisphere


Halloween Special - Northern Hemisphere: Welcome back to our second instalment of our special Halloween episodes…. Tonight we will hear more stories from people’s experiences with the unknown, the unexplained…. With things that go bump in the night and haunt your dreams. These experiences are read out by me, because for some reason people are shy, but it doesn’t take away the chill factor of the experiences. So get yourself comfortable, turn down the lights, but not too low – you want

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